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 Paket ini termasuk Gas Detector Bosean BH4S, dan Gas Sampling Pump Bosean BH-GSP
Bila hanya perlu Gas Detectornya (tanpa Gas Sampling Pump) kami juga jual terpisah
Detektor 4 macam gas dari Bosean. Industrial grade
1. Oksigen (O2)
2. Karbon Monoksida (CO)
3. Hidrogen Sulfida (H2S)
4. Gas mudah meledak (EX/LEL/CH4)
The product support four kinds of  gas detection: flammable gas (EX), oxygen (O2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO)
1. Industrial-grade sensor, high precision, view the historical alarm data, and has a data storage function
2. Four alarm mode (sound, light, vibration, display)
3. High-strength ABS material, waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof
4. Data connected to the computer, can store 500 sets of alarm records.
5. Simple operation, resolution 320 * 240 HD interface display, hinese and English bilingual settings
Product information:
Material: ABS
Display: 2.4" LCD
Detection method: Diffusion type
Unit switch: ppm / mg / m⊃3
Alarm mode: sound, light, vibration, display
Power supply: rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery
Explosion-proof mark: Exib IIB T3 Gb
Protection class: ip65
Record storage: 500 groups of alarm records
Product Size: 145 * 69 * 28mm
With digital / large screen / high-power self-priming pump / stainless steel probe / original micro-motor / fast warm-up / power-on self-test function
Advantages: gas detector pump can be used in explosion-proof or toxic gas leakage pipes, warehouses, lights confined space
Draw flow: 500ML / min
Warm-up time: <20S
Standard configuration: probe, hose, charger
Working voltage: DC3.7v1800mAH
Ambient temperature: -20-50 ° C
Note: After use, please quickly clean the air for 5 minutes to replace the residual gas in the pump
Package Weight: 1700g

 Informasi Produk & Harga Hubungi :
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