Jual Gas Detector 4 In 1 O2 CO H2S LEL Bosean BH4A | Andi Andi

  Detektor 4 macam gas dari Bosean. Industrial grade
1. Oksigen (O2)
2. Karbon Monoksida (CO)
3. Hidrogen Sulfida (H2S)
4. Gas mudah meledak (EX/LEL/CH4)
1. Astigmatic design is applied to rugged surroundings
2. Continuously gas concentration and composition colorful LCD real-time display
3. Rechargeable lithium battery (continuous working period can be 16~18 hours)
4. Concentration units ppm and mg/m3 can be switched
5. Built-in vibration alarm which is applied for noisy environment
6. Two stage alarm threshold: the low alarm and high alarm point can be adjusted
7. Simple automatic calibration program and plug-in replaceable sensor
8. Fully functional self-testing: sensor, integrity of battery and circuit, acoustic & visual & vibration three-stage alarm;
9. Portable & light weight
Operating & Storage Environment
Temperature: -20C~55C
Humidity: 5%-95%
Pressure: 95~110kPa
Sampling method: Diffusion type
Detecting Range
CO: 0~1000ppm
H2S:0~100 PPM
O2: 0~30%vol
Combustible Explosive Gas (Ex / LEL / CH4): 0~100%LEL
O2 /H2S / CO: plug-in electrochemical sensor
Combustible gas (LEL): plug-in catalytic combustion sensor
Alarm Type
low & high alarm, multiple gas alarm, sensor alarm, battery low alarm, prompt tone, automatic shutdown alarm
0.1%VOL (O2), 1ppm (CO), 0.1ppm (H2S), 1%LEL (EX)
Accuracy 3% F.S
Response time 10s
Repeatability 1%
Zero drift 1%
Alphanumeric large LCD displays the real time gas concentration and alarm stage
Automatically activated when working in poor lighting environment or the alarm sounding or the button is knobbed down.
Self-checking Function
Self-checking Battery power, display, sensor, hardware failure
Explosion-proof EXiaIICT4
Protection grade IP65
Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium battery
Weight: 400g
Dimensions: 130mm*67mm*30mm

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