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  Digital CO2 Monitor / Gas Analyzer


    Measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration, Temperature, Humidity, Dew point temperature and Wet bulb temperature
    High Carbon Dioxide level indoor will cause tiredness, lack of concentration, sick building syndrome
    Carbon Dioxide meter also has important function in agriculture, such as vegetable greenhouse
    Carbon Dioxide Meter is widely used in factory, workshop, green house, clean room, industry and agriculture, wine bar, hotel, hospital, shop market, airport, railway station, entertainment hall and movie theater

Key Features:

    Large LCD simultaneously display and log Carbon Dioxide Level, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Calendar (Y/M/D) and Time (Clock)
    12700 data logging memory
    CO2 Level Alert
    Stable NDIR sensor for Carbon Dioxide concentration
    NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) WAVEGUIDE TECHNOLOGY WITH ABC (Automatic back-ground Calibration)
    High and low threshold setting

    Recall Max and Min reading
    Long time drift compensation
    Comes with power adapter

Technical Specs:

    Large LCE Display: 3.5” (8.9cm) LCD display with backlight
    Data Logger Mode: Key stat/stop, Immediately, Schedule, Real-time & Roll-over
    Carbon Dioxide Range: 0~9999 (out of scale)
    Accuracy: ±50ppm ±5% rdg (0~2000)
    Response Time: 10sec
    Temperature Range: -10.0~70.0C (14~158F)
    Resolution: 0.1C/F
    Accuracy: ±0.6C/±0.9F (0~50C/32~122F), others±1.2C
    Humidity Range: 0.1~99.9%
    Resolution: 0.1%
    Accuracy: ±3% (10~90%)
    Logging Memory: 40000
    Operating Condition: 0~50C, 0~95%RH
    Storage Condition: -20~60C, 0~99%RH

    Environments with ABC on
    Storage Temp: -40~70C (-40~158F)
    Power Supply: AA Batteries or AC Adapter

Package Included:

    1X Carbon Dioxide Meter
    1X USB Cable
    1X Charge Adapter (AC 100~240V 50/60Hz)
    1X CD
    1X English User Manual

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